Interview with Andrea Trentin on Rocking3DMetal


When talking about LMF it’s interesting to understand in deep the process and start from the beginning. From the raw powders that, layer by layer, will become the tangible metal item that just a few hours before was only a .stl project.

Luckily we got the pleasure to meet Andrea Trentin, Division Technical Specialist of Legor Group Brazing Division, who has been willing to share with us some of his priceless knowledge and great experience on this matter.

Legor Group is today the point of reference in the goldsmith, silversmith and the fashion markets when it comes to cutting edge production processes: manufacturing, processing and finishing of precious and non-precious metals. The dedicated offer for these sectors is clear when considering the company’s divisions:

  • Master Alloy Division: production of master alloys (Legor Group’s core business)
  • Machinery and Tools Division: sale of machinery, consumer products and tools.
  • Plating Division: solutions and galvanic plants.
  • Brazing Division: production of welding products.
  • Dental Division: a full range of precious and non-precious alloys, as well as products for processing and CAD-CAM tools for the laboratory.

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Andrea Trentin - Division Technical Specialist of Legor Group Brazing Division

Read the interview at!