bracelet after powder laser melting

Design by Beatriz Biagi


Ultrapure metallic powders with a guaranteed title and extra-fine and homogenous particle size, specifically developed for additive manufacturing processes (3d print) for the goldsmith sectors.

Powders belonging to POWMET are: precious powders at title of gold alloy and silver alloy; non-precious powders of bronze and steel.


POWMET line powders are atomized via an exclusive process which allows to obtain perfectly spherical particles with uniform chemical composition and low impurities content. They are sieved to obtain a precise granulometric distribution suitable to maximize the material performance during the production process.


Thanks to investments in large-scale machineries and a proven expertise in metallurgy and in the production processes, LEGOR GROUP is able to cope with any requirements, guaranteeing constant quality in both small and large quantities.

Design by Beatriz Biagi


Using POWMET powders for additive manufacturing processes guarantees quality standards comparable to those obtained by using LEGOR GROUP’s MASTER ALLOY products for the traditional production technics, such as microfusion and mechanical work.

Choosing POWMET for additive manufacturing means:

  • more freedom in the product design and customizations
  • time-to-market reduction
  • easier prototyping stage
  • easier process in case of small quantities/batches production


Manufacturing jewelry pieces with PLM technology compared to the traditional lost-wax-casting is substantially different. Many advantages arise from reproducing jewelry designs directly from the CAD/CAM virtual image to the real metal piece. Read a brief analysis of advantages that both designers and manufacturers can benefit from when utilizing the new cutting-edge PLM technology:

Microstructure comparison between a lost-wax-casted object in gold 18K, 3N color and PM-AU101P after PLM processing (Optical Microscopy, 200X Magnification)






The laboratory provides the following analysis services:

Chemical Properties

Chemical Composition (macro/micro elements and impurities), O/N analysis, C/S analysis.

Physical Properties

Bulk Density, Porosity, Melting Range, Color Measurement, Roughness, Hardness and other Mechanical Tests.

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