Product code

Gold based White gold 750‰ (18 KT)
3N Gold 750‰ (18 KT)
Silver based Silver 925‰ PM-AG101P
Copper based Bronze 90/10 PM-BR101P
Iron based Steel AISI 316L PM-ST101P
Chrome-Cobalt based Chrome Cobalt 106P
Chrome Cobalt 107P

Powmet is the Legor Group line of very fine metallic powders, in several different granulometries, purposely designed for PLM or SLM processes. The Legor Group powder is atomized via an exclusively process (which allows spherical particles to be produced with uniform chemical composition and low oxygen content) and sieved to obtain a precise granulometric distribution suitable for all PLM applications and for any machine used.

The Powmet line is characterized by ultrapure powders with guaranteed title and extra-fine, homogeneous granulometry. The Powmet line is available for the production of gold, silver and non-precious metal objects (chromium-cobalt) and will shortly be improved and enlarged starting from palladium and platinum-based alloys.

The production of metallic powders for the gold jewellery market requires a long experience in metallurgy and efficient plants capable of guaranteeing long-term quality of the batches produced. For this reason Legor Group has invested in large-scale machinery which can cope with any requirements, guaranteeing constant quality in both small and large quantities.

It is important to remember that in this new technology, the metallic powder used constitutes in itself the product, since the jewellery item is created directly from the powder.

A quality powder is therefore a guarantee of perfect results.