Powder Laser Melting (PLM) is a new dynamic technique for the production of jewellery, based on an established industrial method: selective laser sintering. This technique allows more rapid and inexpensive production of jewellery with complex forms, reducing the time required for launching new collections on the market and allowing more flexible planning of production. The jewellery item is obtained directly from a 3D CAD file, thus shortening the design-production timeline. PLM has a low environmental impact.

This technique is suitable for:

  • production of small batches, one-off items or prototypes
  • production of non-soldered chains
  • production of hollow items
  • production of complex forms
  • production with high technical precision
  • production with excellent surface quality

With PLM the jewellery item is formed layer on layer. A layer of metallic powder is laid on a work surface, a laser beam is guided over the layer by a CNC system (Computer Numerical Control) which, by controlled switch-on and switch-off, fuses certain parts of the layer (corresponding to the solid parts of the item) leaving intact the powder in the areas corresponding to the hollow or external parts. Once the operation has been completed on the first layer of powder, another layer is deposited until the required item is obtained.


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